Don't Let Your Pets Attract Pests To Your Home

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Your little furry friend is undoubtedly a member of the family. While a great source of protection and companionship, pets can sometimes attract pests into your home. From bedbugs to rats, your pet can unknowingly attract these unwanted guests inside your home. Knowing how to prevent an infestation and keeping your home clear is helpful.

Pet Food

Make certain you take the time to inspect your pet's food area. Many insects consider your pet's food bowl to be an endless buffet, particularly ants. The best way to avoid an infestation of your pet's food is to never leave it out. Ensure that your pet's food is stored in a closed container and only leave food in their bowl during periods of active eating.

If you're concerned about your pet getting the food they need when you're away, consider investing in an automatic feeder. An automatic feeder dispenses a pre-set amount of food at certain intervals throughout the day, so that you don't have to leave large amounts of food out.

Waste Cleanup

Taking the time to clean up your pet's waste material is important for many reasons. However, if you don't want to attract rats to your home, it's especially important. It's not so much the waste material that the rats are after, but the morsels of food that are still present in the waste.

Rats can smell the food and they will come into your yard in search of it. Unfortunately, the rats won't stay outside forever. The more rats you attract to your yard, the more likely they are to venture inside your home to see what food sources they can find. The best way to avoid this is to clean up your pet's waste right away.

Pet Cleaning

It's also important that you ensure your pet is clean. This is true for both dogs and cats. Both of these pets have the potential to attract and carry smaller pests like bed bugs and fleas. Make certain that you examine your pet's fur for any signs of these pests and look for the clues that your pet might have a problem with fleas.

In terms of bed bugs, your pet can carry these pests from one location to another in their pet hair. Regular bathing and grooming and treating your pet with a flea treatment are the best ways to avoid this type of problem.

In addition to being a responsible pet owner, having your home treated by a professional pest control company, such as B & W Pest Control, is also helpful.