Developing A Hotel Response Plan In The Event Of A Bed Bug Discovery

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The discovery of bed bugs in a hotel requires a swift response from management to ensure quick eradication of the problem. Hotel managers are able to adjust housekeeping procedures to work in conjunction with the efforts of a pest control service. The development of a plan up front ensures that bed bugs have minimal impact on hotel operations.

The first indication of a problem with bed bugs in a hotel may be a verbal report from a guest during morning checkout. Most individuals are not hesitant to speak up about issues surrounding room quality. Guests can usually correctly identify many insects, so make special note of any mention of a bed bug concern.

Listen to guest comments

Based upon the report of a departing guest, the affected room should be immediately placed out of order in your inventory system. Inform your housekeeping department of the remark made by the guest. Instead of routine housekeeping, the out-of-order room must be subjected to a thorough inspection.

Investigate the vacant room

The inspection of the affected room is necessary to determine the validity of the guest complaint. Inspect the light-colored bed linens for any tiny specks of blood. After removing the linens, use a flashlight to closely examine the entire mattress. If any of the telltale signs of bed bugs are found, an urgent response is needed to gain control of the infestation.

Obtain professional assistance

Your pest control service will work with you to provide a comprehensive solution that has minimal effect on hotel revenue. They will provide advice on which furnishings to remove from the room as they proceed. Once you have removed bed linens and towels from the room, specialized housekeeping procedures are necessary to ensure that all bed bugs are killed.

Add housekeeping duties

If the affected linens and towels are not discarded, wash them separately from other hotel laundry. Most importantly, dry the items at the hottest temperature setting of the dryer. Bed bugs cannot survive after 30 minutes in 120 degree heat.

For the entire hotel, empty all vacuum cleaners immediately after housekeeping duties are finished each day. Seal the dust bags tightly, and move them to an outside trash bin. Continue to quickly discard vacuum bags throughout the duration of the bed bug treatment process.

Once the affected room is declared habitable, it is ready for routine housekeeping. Contact a pest control service, such as Rice's Inc Termite & Pest Control, for more information about bed bugs in a lodging establishment.