Tips To Get Rid Of Bees

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Bees are amazing creatures. Within a few hours, they can have a swarm that is building a hive around your home and yard. This can be a beautiful sight, but it can also be very dangerous to you and your family. There are many ways to get rid of bees, such as using pesticides. You can also call in a professional bee keeper to remove the bees and relocate them to a safer place. If you opt to get rid of the bees yourself, you will need to make sure that you take the proper precautions. Below are some important tips to remember when dealing with bees.

  1.  Always Wear the Proper Clothing. When it comes to getting rid of bees, you will need to make sure that you protect yourself. If you drop the hive or disturb the bees, they may begin to attack. Wearing a couple layers of long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts, long pants, gloves and a veil covering your face will help to protect you from stings. You should be able to find most of this around your home but may need to buy some materials for the veil. Once you have all of the proper clothing, you will be ready to begin.
  2. Remove the Bees at the Right Time. During the bright hours of the day, bees are very busy working. This means that they are not in the hive and they are constantly moving about. The best time to remove the bees is very early in the morning or after the sun sets when the bees are a lot less active. This will ensure that most of the bees are in the hive and they will be a lot less likely to attack.
  3. Spraying and Removal. There are many sprays and chemicals that allow you to spray a nest or a hive from over 20 feet away. This will ensure that you remain a safe distance from the bees. You can spray the nest or the hive ensuring that you cover the whole area. After you have sprayed, you will also want to make sure that you completely remove the hive or the nest. This will prevent it from decomposing and smelling.

These are just a few of the tips that you will need to consider when removing bees from your home or yard. It is very important to stay safe at all times when messing around with bees.

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