Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies In Your Kitchen

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If you have fruit flies in your kitchen, they can drive you crazy. Not only will they land on all your food, which is very bothersome, but they will also zip around your head relentlessly. You will, of course, want to get them out of your kitchen as quickly as possible. This article will offer you a few methods you can use to keep your kitchen free of fruit flies.

Keep on top of the fruit

One of the biggest things that can attract an abundance of fruit flies to your kitchen is fruit. While fresh fruit won't be such a big concern, fruit that's starting to get past the point of being fresh is like a calling card for those irritating little pests. Eat your fruit while it's fresh and discard of it (or freeze it) as soon as it starts getting bad. You should throw the fruit away in an outside garbage can and put the lid tightly on the can.

Rinse out liquor bottles and juice containers

Fruit flies are also very attracted to liquor bottles and juice containers. Do not leave either of these laying around the kitchen, or the rest of the house. Rinse them out well after they are empty and have a spot for them outside or in your garage if you plan on recycling them.

Disinfect your sponges

A dirty sponge can harbor smells known to bring fruit flies into the kitchen. A good way to keep your sponges disinfected is to moisten them with a little water, wring them out by hand, and put them in your microwave for two minutes.

Make a trap

Fruit flies will have a hard time resisting apple cider vinegar since they love fermenting fruit, and apple cider vinegar is made from fermenting apples. To make the trap, you will pour about an inch worth of apple cider vinegar in a small jar along with a piece of over-ripe fruit and a few drops of dish soap. Poke a few holes in the top of the lid with a hammer and a nail. Set the jar in your kitchen and watch how many fruit flies you catch with it.

If you follow all the tips listed in this article and you are still having a problem with fruit flies, then you should call a commercial pest control company, such as Aloha Termite Kauai Inc. They will be able to get rid of the fruit flies currently infesting your home and give you advice on how to keep more from coming in.