What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? And Other Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are difficult to identify, detect and eliminate. The more you know about bed bugs, the quicker you'll be able to identify your problem and seek professional help.  

Q: Where do bed bugs live?

A: Bed bugs prefer to live near their food source, humans. True to their name, bed bugs live in mattresses and headboards. Bed bugs will also survive in a variety of places including wallpaper, in book pages, car seats, couches and recliners.

Q: What do bed bugs look like?

A: Bed bugs are flat and oval shaped, and have six legs. They're reddish brown in color and very small. Adult bed bugs are about a quarter of an inch in length. Baby bed bugs (known as nymphs) are much smaller and practically impossible to see until they've fed for the first time. Once nymphs have had their first feeding, they turn red in color and are more easy to see, although they're still quite small. 

Q: How can you tell if you have bed bugs?

A: If you have bed bugs, you'll probably get bitten at night and wake in the morning with itchy bite marks on your legs, arms or shoulders. Bites from bed bugs tend to appear in a row, rather than in random locations. You'll also find dark spots on the sheets or the mattress. These spots are the fecal matter from the bugs. You may not see any bed bugs--especially at first. Bed bugs come out only late at night and in the hours before dawn, and they don't come out to feed every night. 

Q: How do bed bugs travel?

A: Bed bugs travel from one location to another in secured, tight spaces where they are safe from detection. For example, bed bugs can travel in the pages of a book or in the clothes in a suit case. Bed bugs can attach themselves to furniture and mattresses and stay attached even if that furniture is moved. They travel from house to house by way of the objects that people move from house to house. Library books, luggage and used furniture are all common ways that bed bugs travel from one location to another. 

Q: How can you avoid bed bugs?

A: You can avoid getting bed bugs by avoiding the purchase of used furniture. Store your luggage in the bathroom when staying in hotels. Finally, inspect all your library books before checking them out from the library. 

Q: How can you get rid of bed bugs?

A: The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to work with a professional pest control company such as Garrie Pest Control. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, contact a pest control specialist in your area.