3 Natural And Effective Ways To Eliminate Termites

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If termites are making themselves at home on your front porch's wooden railing, learn some effective and natural ways to eliminate them and prevent them from coming back. The following methods are safe to use and will provide you with visible results within a few days.


Citrus Oil 

D-Limonene is an ingredient in citrus cleaning oil and is found in the peels of citrus fruit. This chemical is a natural pesticide that will kill termites and discourage new ones from approaching your property. Wipe the wooden railing off with citrus cleaning oil and a lint free cloth daily until you no longer see any termites. Citrus oil will also disinfect the wood and emit a pleasant scent, making it a beneficial item to use when cleaning other surfaces in and around your home, as well.

Boric Acid

Boric acid derives from boron and is an effective pesticide that eliminates a variety of pests. Clean and dry the wooden railing with soapy water and a lint free cloth. Sprinkle a thin line of boric acid across the length of the railing. When the termites walk through the boric acid, the small granules will stick to their bodies. As the granules rub against the exoskeleton of each termite, deadly damage will occur.

If the termites ingest the boric acid, damage will occur to the inside of their bodies, resulting in death. Remove the boric acid from the railing after the termites have been elimiinated. This may take a few days. 


Vinegar naturally deters termites and is effective in eliminating ones that are already present. It is also a useful cleaning agent that disinfects surfaces and prevents mold and mildew growth. Add equal amounts of vinegar and water to a spray bottle. Shake the bottle for several seconds until the vinegar and water are thoroughly mixed. Spray the railing with an even coat of the cleaning solution. Allow it to penetrate for several seconds and wipe the railing off with a damp cloth. Follow up by drying the railing off with another cloth.

After you have tried each of these methods, within a few days termites will no longer be present on your property. Continue to keep all of these methods on hand so that you can eliminate new infestations on other parts of your property or inside of your home. 

If the termites persist, contact a professional pest control company, like Total Control Termite And Pest, to come take care of the problem.