The Dangers Of Wasp Infestation

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Paper wasps are a common sight in many areas in the United States. They are responsible for building intriguing paper nests by chewing up wood and using the pulp as a construction material. The nests often hang from trees, garages, and the eaves of your home. The paper wasp is a useful and yet sometimes dangerous insect. If they are too close to your home, you will need to have them removed. 


Paper wasps are actually beneficial creatures that help pollinate your plants by consuming nectar. They also control the pest population around your home by eating caterpillars, flies, and beetle larvae. Because they do so much good, you should leave their nests alone as long as they do not take up residence near your house. Once they settle near you and your family, you will need to take action.


Paper wasps will leave you alone as long as their nests are undisturbed. If you have children or are active in your outdoor space, you are likely to inadvertently bother the wasps and receive unwanted stings. For many people, a wasp sting is painful and causes a welt that is easily treated with a pain reliever or ice. For others who are allergic, the sting can be life-threatening and must be treated with epinephrine and possibly a trip to the emergency room. 

Wasp Removal

If you find a nest in the early spring before the queen and worker wasps have done their expansion work, you may try to remove the nest yourself as long as you are not allergic. You need to wear protective clothing and go in armed with a safe pesticide spray. However, you do not want to try and get to wasp nests that are high up and that require you to use a ladder. If you are stung, you might end up falling and being seriously injured. 

If you are allergic or are unable to safely reach the nests, call a professional pest exterminator. The prices for paper wasp removal are reasonable, and the removal itself should require only one trip to complete. This option is by far the safest one for you to select. Talk to companies like Anthony's Bee Removal Co. for efficient wasp extermination solutions.

Paper wasps are actually a helpful creature that you should want to protect as long as they are not too near to your house. They are great for pollination and pest control. Wasps are not aggressive unless they feel attacked. When they do, they will swarm and sting, causing painful welts, or in more serious cases, a dangerous allergic reaction. Remember to take action as soon as possible once you spot a nest on your home, since the threat just grows bigger with time.