Using Natural Methods To Rid The Home Of Pesky Flies

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If you have encountered flies within your home, you most likely want a method for removing them completely. Flies move from surface to surface quickly. They harbor bacteria and disease, making their eradication a priority once you notice them inside a home. Here are some natural ways to get flies to vacate your living space.

Use Cleanliness To Your Advantage

Flies will stick around areas that are less than clean, as they often hold food sources that flies can feast upon. Clean the interior of your home to help remove all debris that tends to attract flies. Place leftovers in your refrigerator in sealed containers. Wipe down all counter tops with an antibacterial detergent to help mask the odor of any prepared food. This will help remove any germs flies may have previously spread as well. Vacuum carpets and sweep hardwood floors daily to remove any crumbs. Remove household trash from the home daily.

Add Some Pleasing Scents

Flies will stay away from certain smells. Bay leaves and eucalyptus leaves can be placed in small sachets or bowls in areas where flies are present. They will stay away from the scent, possibly vacating if you keep a door or window open. They will stray away from the scent of peppermint as well. Place a peppermint plant near an area where flies were seen. Dip some cotton balls into peppermint oil and place around the home to help keep flies from re-entering.

Try Darkening Your Home

You may be able to get flies to leave by making the rooms in your home very dark during daytime hours. Close the curtains or tack some thick blankets over windows. Turn off all your interior lights, computer monitors, and televisions. Open one door about halfway so sunlight does not illuminate the room that much. Flies are naturally attracted to light, making the entryway to your home very enticing when the rest of the room is dark. Some of the flies may fly outdoors, leaving you with less to deal with inside.

Set A Vinegar Trap To Capture

Fill a jar or glass about halfway with apple cider vinegar. Use a piece of paper to cover the top part of a jar and wrap the edges downward, forming a makeshift lid. Use a rubber band to secure the paper into place. Poke a dime-sized hole into the top of the paper using a pencil or pair of scissors. Set the jar out on a table or counter in an area where flies were previously seen. Check the jar periodically for any flies that may be floating in the vinegar and remove. Replace with new vinegar and set it out again.

Flies are naturally attracted to the vinegar. They will crawl through the hole in the paper into the jar and try getting close to the solution to take a taste. If they get too close, the vinegar will saturate their wings, weighing them down. It will be difficult for them to navigate back through the hole with the weight of the vinegar, making them fall back into the solution when they try to find a way out.

For more information, contact a pest control company in your area.