2 Ways To Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Home With Your Child

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Most parents accept the fact that their children may end up with lice at least once during their school career. It doesn't take a lot of contact for lice to jump from one person to another. However, most parents aren't aware that lice aren't the only thing that can make the jump from one child to another. Bed bugs can do the same thing. It doesn't take much for a school room or bedroom to be infested with bed bugs and for those insects to pick up a ride home on your child, where they can spread to your house. There are a few things that you can do to help avoid bed bugs gaining a foothold into your house. 

Backpack Storage

One thing you can do is make sure that backpacks have a storage place that isn't on a bed or bedroom floor. The best thing to do is to store backpacks in a container that is taller than the backpacks and have smooth sides. That will keep any bedbugs from being able to climb up the sides of the container. One option is to use a tub with a lid that can be purchased from just about any department store. The benefit of using a tub is that you can stack them if you have more than one child. The lid will also help to make it easier to see if there are any bed bugs in the tub. You may want to consider getting a light colored tub; it will be easier to see the dark colored bed bugs against a light colored surface. 

Keep Pillow and Stuffed Animals at Home

When your child goes for an overnight stay at a friend's house, they probably want to take their pillows or favorite stuffed animal. There is a problem with that. Those items are perfect for bed bugs to hitch a ride on. Even though their name is bed bugs, the bugs can also be found in carpets or couches, so even if your child's pillow or stuffed animal never touches anyone else's bed, if they sleep on an infested couch, they can bring the bugs home. If there is no way at all that your child will sleep without their own pillow or stuffed animal, there are a couple ways that you can help avoid problems. One is that you can get a pillow protector. These are basically vinyl or plastic pillow cases that the pillow goes in and then gets zipped up. A pillowcase goes over the protector. Bed bugs can't get into the protector and stay on the pillow. Another option is to put the pillow or stuffed animal in a dryer that is turned as high as possible and run it through a full cycle. That can help kill any bed bugs.

Once they gain a foothold in your house, bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid of. You have to have professional help to clear up an infestation. Doing a few simple things to prevent the bugs from coming into your house at all can help you avoid the extermination process.