Pest Control Tips For Your Commercial Warehouse

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If you've got a commercial warehouse where bay doors may be kept open during the day, it can sometimes be difficult to keep rodents and insects out of the interior of the warehouse. With the following tips, you may be able to deter them so that you can get on with the business you need to focus on during the day.

Consider Rollaround Screens

If you have multiple bay doors at your warehouse, you might not be using them all at the same time for deliveries or shipments. You may like keeping them open so that you can take advantage of natural light or because you and your employees enjoy the ventilation that open doors provide. Even though it might keep insects out if you kept the doors shut, you may not want to for those reasons.

One solution to consider is a rollaround screen for each bay door. When the door isn't in use, you can put the screen in place so that you can continue to enjoy the light and fresh air.

Have Bay Doors Repaired Right Away

Some pests are nocturnal and might come out once the activity inside your warehouse has quieted down and everyone has left for the night. It is important to shut the bay doors completely so that there is no point of entry for critters. However, sometimes faulty door tracks prevent you from shutting the door all the way or you notice holes or tears in the weatherstripping at the bottom of the door that can allow a small animal to push their way in. If you notice these kinds of problems with your bay doors, have them repaired as soon as possible.

Grow Plants that Deter Insects

Another thing you can do if you want to discourage pests from being around your warehouse is to have some bushes that act as a natural repellent. There are a number of plants that work for this purpose, including basil, lemongrass and peppermint.

In fact, if you have a lot of bushes and plants around the warehouse that don't actively repel pests, you may want to think about removing or replacing them; many insects and other pests use plants and bushes as food sources or nesting places.

With these tips, you may be able to deter pests away from your commercial warehouse. For more suggestions, contact a pest control company, such as Frontier Exterminating Company, for help.