Your Guide to the Brown Widow Spider

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You have probably heard of the infamous black widow spider, but how much do you know about the brown widow? Brown widows do not get as much attention, but they can certainly cause plenty of problems.

Where do brown widow spiders live?

Brown widow spiders are commonly found in Southern California, and they have been especially prevalent there since the early 2000s. Research suggests that these spiders may be encroaching on the state's central region soon. Initially, this type of spider came from Africa and South America. These spiders love tropical and subtropical environments and have even been spotted in places like Hawaii, Australia, and Japan.

What do brown widow spiders look like?

Brown widow spiders are tan and brown with black accents. Mature female spiders present diagonal stripes on the flanks and a stripe on the abdomen. The brown widow also has the infamous hourglass shape, but the design is orange rather than red.

Where do brown widows make their webs?

Brown widows prefer to live in dark and secluded areas that provide protection from people and animals. They are often found in the woods, attached to branches. They also build nests in empty containers, mail boxes, and in the eaves of houses. For this reason, it is important to be careful where you put your hands when you look for the spiders.

Are brown widow spiders dangerous?

Brown widow spiders have a bite that packs a punch, but it is minor compared to the black widow bite. The bite is venomous, but it is nowhere near as damaging as that of other spiders, perhaps because the brown widow isn't able to inject as much venom at once. The biggest symptom of a brown widow bite is pain upon the bite as well as a red mark. In rare cases, those who are bitten may require hospitalization.

How can you take control of a brown widow infestation?

Insecticides may work to keep spiders at bay, but controlling them can be difficult. If you use insecticide, you should pay close attention to small crevices around your house. You may also want to work on reducing the amount of clutter around your house, especially in garages and sheds. If you have clothing items that you bring in for different seasons, make sure to wash them before you wear them. This includes gloves, hats, and jackets.

Finally, consider hiring a pest-control service to take control of spiders. Brown widows can be dangerous, and their bites may affect your beloved pets too. A pest-control service such as A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc will help you clear up the problem.