The Conversation You Need To Have Before Hiring An Exterminator

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If you're seeing indications that there may be bugs or rodents in your house, you may also be thinking about hiring an exterminator. The job of a professional, however, can be extremely varied, and it's important to have as detailed of a conversation as possible with each one you're checking out before you commit to having them come to your place. Not only will this give you peace of mind about who you've hired, but a good talk will also give you a chance to inform them about what they'll be up against.

Outline All the Information You Have

The first order of business is explaining to the contractor what precisely the situation is. You should keep an eye out for indicators such as animal dropping, sawdust, and other things that have appeared in your house. If you've actually seen any bugs or critters, take note of their appearance. The difference between dealing with ants or a termite extermination project boils down to the shape of the insects' wings, as termites have four evenly sized wings while ants that have wings will have two smaller rear wings.

Every detail helps an exterminator get closer to an answer. Some contractors may take a pass on a mice extermination project because they only deal with bugs, but it may not be obvious until they hear the details, as many people assume sawdust equals termites, even though rodents can produce it, too. Depending upon the specifics, this will determine whether they can assist you.

Licensing and Certifications

Due to the fact that technicians in the industry often work with chemicals, baits, and poisons, they are required to be licensed in virtually all areas of the United States. It's a good idea to ask for a license number. Many companies that sell products have their own certification regimes in addition to level licensing, and these certifications will give you a sense of how an exterminator prefers to approach the job.

Environmental and Health Concerns

While your family members won't usually be present during the extermination process, especially if chemicals are involved, you should still inform the contractors you're talking to about any specific medical needs your family has. A person who has extreme sensitivities related to asthma, for example, may need to stay away longer. You should also take up the topic of whether the exterminator will be using environmentally friendly and pet-safe methods.