Fighting Off Ticks

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Ticks are pests that can sneak up on you and work their way into your house by either hitchhiking on you, on your pets, or on something you bring in from the outdoors. There are a lot of things you should learn about ticks so you can be in a better position to protect everyone in your home from ticks.

Ticks can make people and pets sick

If you, someone in your home, or one of your pets is bitten by a tick, then there is the chance of illness setting in. One of the most serious types of illnesses transmitted through ticks is Lyme disease. There are a lot of misconceptions about ticks and Lyme disease and much that is still not understood. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to go right in to your doctor if you find you have been bitten by a tick. Sometimes, a tick will leave a target-shaped rash, but not always. Also, many times a tick will be on you for a while before you find it. When you do find a tick with its head embedded under your skin, you want to remove it properly.

How to remove a tick

When you or anyone else has a tick with its head under the skin, you want to be sure you remove the tick carefully. You want to remove the tick so the head comes out when you remove the tick's body. There are some different methods you can use for removing a tick. One method involves lighting and blowing out a match. Then, hold the hot part of the match close to the butt of the tick until the tick backs out so you can remove it. You can also put tweezers as far up the body and as close to the skin as possible, then carefully pull upward so the head comes out with the rest of the body. Be careful not to squish the tick while the head is still under the skin. You can put liquid dish soap on a cotton ball and hold the cotton ball on the tick until it backs out to breath, and then remove it.

How to cut down on ticks in your yard

In order to decrease the chances of someone being bitten by a tick in your yard, you want to cut down on the amount of wild animals like deer and raccoons, that come in your yard, as they can have a lot of ticks on them that fall off on your property. One animal you may not want to scare off are possums. Possums eat a surprising number of ticks, helping decrease the tick numbers on your property. Also, check your shoes and socks when you enter the house, as well as your dog's coat.

If you continue to have a problem with ticks on your land, contact a pest control company like E & R Exterminating Company, Inc.