4 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Termites

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Termites are small flying insects that can ruin an entire home, causing so much damage that the house can become unlivable in no time at all. If you have termites in your home, it's something you need to take quick action with so you don't wind up with this type of damage. Read on for four natural ways to get rid of termites in your home.

1. Remove Exterior Attractants

Remove anything outside of your home that can attract termites to your home. Things such as mulch, especially mulch that doesn't allow for proper drainage, can attract termites to your home. Other attractants include wood close to your home, such as firewood, pallets, or other wood that can get wet and be rotting, as well as wet cardboard. All of these can attract termites to your home. If you have any wood on your home that is rotting, such as a deck, porch, or railings, these areas should be replaced with new, treated wood. 

2. Clean Up Wet Crawlspaces Or Basements

That area under your home can be easily accessible by pests, especially crawl spaces. Crawl spaces are open ground below your home and can give pests quick access to the rest of your home. If your crawl space is wet, or your basement is wet, this can cause termites to get into your home and begin to eat at the wood holding your home together. To clean up the water in your basement or crawl space, you should have your crawl space encapsulated. Your basement should be waterproofed professionally.

3. Repair Water Leaks

Water leaks, even minor ones, should be repaired. Leaks underneath sinks and around toilets or leaks beneath the house need to be repaired. Water leaks can cause the wood in your home to rot quickly, which will attract termites. Water leaks can also attract other pests as well, including mice, ants, and roaches. Any leaks in your home should be repaired immediately to prevent a pest issue.

4. Sprinkle Borax

Sprinkle borax around your home where you may have spotted termites. The termites will die from this all-natural powder, which can also kill other pests as well, such as ants. Borax is safe to use both inside and outside of your home and isn't harmful to humans or animals. You can sprinkle the borax, or you can add water and create a spray to reach other termites feeding off of your home.

If you have seen termites in or around your home, take action and start getting rid of these pests. Hire a professional pest control company like Premier Termite & Pest Control to help you get rid of the termites.