Why Are Ants Coming Into Your Home? 4 Reasons

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Ants are tiny and can get into just about any space. They're crawling behind baseboards, under the floorboards, and going from one room to the next without you even noticing until, before you know it, you have an infestation of these tiny pests. They can make a person crazy trying to get rid of them, popping up in a different room than the one you just thought you cleared them out of. There is a reason why they're at your home, and you may not be aware of what these reasons may be. Read on for a few reasons why ants are coming into your home to help you get rid of them for good.

1. Because You're Feeding Them

You may not be aware that you're doing this at all, mostly because you aren't hand feeding these pests, but you are giving them a free meal. The open boxes of food in your pantry, or the sticky syrup on the outside of the syrup container are just a few of the meals these pests may be feeding off of. Placing food into airtight containers and wiping down bottles of syrup and oil can help prevent ants. Other ways to prevent feeding ants is wiping down counters and other cooking or food preparation areas, as well as making repairs to water leaks in your home. All of these things are attracting pests to your home.

2. Because You're Inviting Them Inside

You aren't exactly rolling out a red carpet for these (or other) pests, but you are giving them an invitation by not making repairs to the openings where they are finding their way inside. If you have tiny cracks in your foundation, ants can use this opening as a way to get in. Other areas where they may be making an entrance include around doors or windows where seals are broken or missing. Make the necessary repairs to your home to prevent pests such as ants from getting in.

3. Because You Are Providing Them With Nesting Material

Ants like places such as mulch to make their homes in, so if you have mulch around the foundation of your home, chances are there are going to be a lot of ants. Remove the mulch and plant grass instead, or use a barrier of some sort to keep the mulch away from your foundation. 

4. Because Other Pests Are Here Too

If you have other pests in your home, ants are going to follow along. Pests such as roaches or mice can attract ants, as well. This is because ants will feed off of the feces of the other pests and will even feed off of deceased pests. If you have one type of pest in your home, there's a pretty good chance that you have ants or some other pest invading your space, too. Take a look around where you have spotted the ants and look for mice droppings, skin sheds, or dead pests. 

If you have ants, there's a reason. Finding the reason will help you get rid of these pests and prevent their return, or the invasion of other pests as well. Call a professional ant control company such as Good News Pest Solutions for help.